Family film about the holidays, taste of summer and adolescence which enables the spectators to return into the most magical and most intensive moment of the times they were growing up.  
The story about two boys from city who spend their summer holidays at grandma’s house in the countryside: one voluntarily even though his good time is disturbed by extra math lessons; the other one unwillingly but he encounters unexpected passion of love. While the older Jacob is taking on his relationship full of emotions, the younger Mathew with his mentally ill Michael live the typical boyish adventures as well as they make mysterious trips to local stone pit.


Vlado Fischer


Magdaléna Kmeťková


Anna Javorková

Walter Klamo

Daniel Fischer

Tomáš Kladný

Ivan Vojtek

Juraj Kemka

Zuzana Kováčová

Michaela Rimková

Ivan Krupa

Zuzana Kapráliková

Release Date



70 min