The script to the project is being elaborated according to the literal original of the successful author Dominik Dán and his mystery novels Popol všetkých zarovná (The Ash Will Align Everyone) and Krásna nehanebnica (Pretty Shameless Woman).
The group of investigators from Bratislava leaded by older detective Krauz investigate many cases. This story is about the murder of older lady, widow after an antiquarian, who had been stabbed with knife. At the time of this murder, a car explodes near the lake in Petržalka, the built-up area in Bratislava. In order to make the things more complex, while criminologists are relaxing in a pub a report concerning rape, murder and robbery in the villa of the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Sweden is announced. The victim is his beautiful daughter who is extraordinary talented student of architecture.
The project development was supported from the Audiovisual Fund