The screenplay for the film is being developed according to the successful book with the same name by Pavel Rankov. The book was awarded the European Union Prize for Literature, within the Anasoft Litera Award, and it won the readers´ award of the daily news SME and the award of the bank Tatra Banka for Art.
The film should capture 30 years of historical events of dramatic years 1938 – 1968. This period is so loaded with reversals of history that it also presents a big space for the story, in this case the sentimental love story about three friends who had been in love with the same woman since their childhood.  
The film starts to unfold its story in 1938 in the town Levice at the swimming pool. Three boys: Czech Honza, Hungarian Peter and Jew Gabriel compete in swimming for sympathy of their schoolmate Maria on September 1st. Such assemble of nationalities and religions presents in the coming years a very important element influencing the boys´ lives who later become grown-up men. In each historical period of mentioned 30´s it is shown how the life of each individual hero has been influenced and how they get into the relations among each other and especially into the relation of each one of them with Maria.
The project development was supported from the Audiovisual Fund.