Tragicomedy from contemporary city which talks about the decay of relationships, loss of stability, marriage break up and about the likely disappearing good manners from the life. 
Viktor in his forties accidentally saves a young woman from suicide. It appears that saved Mia is a photographer who did not probably want to end her life but she just tried to photograph herself for a self-portrait in the waves of Danube. Viktor falls in love with her while his wife Carla is looking for a help: Alcohol, a friend gynaecologist but also a local mystic. Viktor perplexes more and more in unequal relationship with young girl, but unfortunately, the lost youth is still not coming.


Vlado Fischer


Viliam Klimáček


Ján Króner

Klára Trojanová Pollertová

Iva Janžurová

Táňa Pauhofová

Diana Mórová

Maťo Landl

Marek Geišberg

Kristína Turjanová

Release Date



105 min.


JMB Film & TV Production


Slovak Television

Promea Communication

Financially supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic